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During the rising of Pequot War in July 1636 and the war of King Philip’s on June 23 1675, the rising conflict in which it resulted in long term results between the Indians and their fellow Indians and the Indians against the colonists themselves, because of not reaching into an agreement between the two. One of the long term results that resulted from the war of the Pequot and King Philip was that it decreased the populations of the Indians, specifically the Pequot Indians and the Wampanoag Natives and other more Natives. Though before that the Pequot natives including the Narragansett tribes were not really affected by the disease brought by the Europeans specifically the puritans and the separatists, but the Wampanoag Natives were greatly decreased in population and suffered a lot from an Epidemic brought by the…show more content…
Often they thought it was because of the Murder of Oldham but this only contributed to the war, but the reason that started it was because of the English trying to break the fur Trade of the Dutch-Pequot control of the fur and Wampum Trade, and the Pequot Natives trying to maintain the Political and economic dominance of the region in which they control. Because during 1620s the Dutch and the Pequot Native Americans controlled all the trade in the regions and this being called, they also tried to subjugate other tribes under their control throughout Connecticut and the islands in the offshores. As they attempted to subjugate other tribes and tried extending their power by means of political and economic ties and through diplomacy, coercion, warfare, and intermarriage, this resulted into creating conflicts between other Native tribes. This even became more intense when the English settlers and traders arrived in the Connecticut River Valley in the early 1630s, in which the competition for power between the Natives and the English resulted. Because of the struggle for more power, and control this resulted in the fueling of the war against the

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