June Allyson: Thesis Statement/Main Ideas

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June Allyson, thesis statement/main ideas I’m that vivacious blonde who was a big fan of Ginger Rogers and I was known best for acting, singing, and dancing on television. Can you guess who I am? I was born October 7, 1917 in an old place, the Bronx. When I was younger I was in a terrible accident that almost paralyzed me ("June Allyson"June Allyson). What happened, you ask? Well there was a bad storm and lightning hit a tree and I was under the tree. Not only was I hit by lightning but the tree branch fell on me, almost crippling me("June Allyson"). I was also married four times but, I only married three men. I liked one enough to marry him twice. The name’s Allyson, June Allyson. Now let’s talk acting. My acting career took off in my early

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