Corruption In Ghana

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CORRUPTION AT WORKPLACES IN GHANA. Corruption at workplaces in Ghana is a vice that has become a normality in this era but it is cancer that is eating the services of many of our organizations. Moreover, it can be considered as a parasite that has eaten and it is still eating the welfare of many organizations in Ghana. One of the outstanding issues crippling the economy of Ghana is corruption at her workplaces. Challenges that leaders at workplaces in Ghana face vary, but the common ones include the inability to develop managerial effectiveness, inspire others and guide changes that suit the current situation. Ghanaians are used to corruption because in the days of old long before independence, the civil servants who were Gold coasters used…show more content…
Leadership rooted in integrity is geared towards discipline, ethical behavior etc. It will change the mentality of individuals, i.e. if the employer`s leadership is rooted in integrity; no bribe of any kind will be enticing to him or her. I think to improve this situation, employees should be given incentives for hard work done and measures should be put in place where employees of similar roles are shuffled so that they do get too used to their…show more content…
They take the embezzled items and sell them to earn income. The losers are the company that these individuals work in i.e. their workplace. The company will lose items that cannot be accounted for and measures would have to be implemented for the recovery of the lost items or their replacement. Corruption where an employee sends inappropriate gifts or bribes to his or her employer for a promotion or favor when assigning roles in the company. In the above, the winners are the employee who is giving bribes and the employer who is receiving it. The employee is a winner because he or she will get his or her goal attainment, the employer enjoys the fruit of the bribe that was received and performs his or her quota of the agreement. The loser in this is the position that was given to that employee by merit. The position will suffer because the person that has been assigned that position is incapable of doing it. This affects the productivity of the

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