Photography In The 20th Century

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Pioneer, with Marcel Duchamps, of one of the most radical movement in modern art, Man Ray contributed in the 20th century to the evolution of techniques and possibilities in photography. Painter, designer, director of avant- garde films , he is best known as a surrealist photographer from 1918 . First I will talk about art during the 20th century, the different artistic movements and how photography evolved in this context. Then I will present Man Ray, his work, and how he used these new technologies and how he helped to change photography. Finally I will talk about surrealism in photography nowadays and how Man Ray inspire new artist in photography. Art and photography during the 20th century During the early 20th century, art is evolving.…show more content…
The “Fauves” replaced the soft palette of the Impressionists by a palette of vivid colors as those used by Gauguin and Van Gogh in some of their paintings. Their vigorous style was to symbolize a poetic energy. Futurism : Boccioni - States of Mind : The Farewells The Futurism is an Artistic and literary movement born in Paris around 1910. In their works, the Futurists try to glorify the modern world and the " beauty of speed and energy. " Combining the geometric shapes of Cubism , and the bright colours , they seek to reproduce the dynamism of a car or a full speed train, with the repetition of shapes and lines . Cubism : Les demoiselles d’Avignon – Pablo Picasso Photography has had a key role in the twentieth century with influences on sociology, politics, culture and economy. This tool allows us to capture moments and immortalise them. For these reasons, photography was first used to show reality, to reproduce it perfectly. It had a very special importance during the war, because it was the beginning of photojournalism (with Robert capa), and it was also used as a tool of propaganda (Alexander Rodtchenko). Techniques and quality of the pictures where better and better as the cameras evolved, became smaller and more efficient. One of the most famous camera is the Leica, created by Oskar Barnack in…show more content…
A few artists, such as Man Ray, began to use photography in a more artistic way. For Man Ray, the medium of photography had always been more than a technical reproduction material, even though he had first been introduced to it as such. New artistic movement like Dada and surrealism were created at this time. The movement explore unconscious, dreams, eccentricity and provocation. Man Ray was one of the pioneers in this artistic

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