Fragile: A Fictional Narrative

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Later on that day... "Ariel" "yeah babe" "this is going to sound really weird but could you stay with me tonight I don't know why but I have a bad feeling about your apartment" "Okay" about two hours later Chris and I were eating dinner when I got a text and it stopped me in mid sentence call me I need to tell you the truth "everything Okay babe" "yeah I'll be right back" "Okay don't be too long" I went out into the hall and called "him" "hello" "stop talking to me, quit following me" "then let me explain you let me do that and I'll let you go" "never you stay away from me I'll never let you talk to me you hear me never" "wait" I hung up before he could say anything else and went back inside and sat back down at the table we finished dinner and Chris brought out desert after we were done we went and sat on the couch, I cuddled up to Chris "hey babe whats up" "I will never get enough of this" "I wont either" "this, now just sitting with you is the best thing in the world" Chris…show more content…
the next morning when I woke up the next morning Chris handed me a cup of coffee he was wearing flannel PJ pants "thanks" I smiled and took the cup from him Chris came and sat down right next to me "wait what day is it" "Sunday why" "OH I don't have work today" "me either" "we could go to the beach and figure out were we want to have the ceremony and were we want to do the

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