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Constitutional nationalism is the emphasis on nationalism through the use of politics. In Ireland it had a primary focus on achieving Home Rule. Home Rule was the idea of having Ireland control the domestic Irish affairs and letting Britain control the external Irish affairs. Charles Parnell was the face for the Home Rule movement. Parnell was a political leader and Irish landlord who is known as the founder and leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party. He developed the Home Rule movement into a major political goal and gained a tremendous amount of support for the party. Parnell was a very skilled politician, which is what helped him gain such a large support. He made various contributions to society including his contribution to the Irish National Land League. Whit this he supported reducing tenants' rents during a time of economic disaster. In addition he raised funds for famine relief during a trip to America and used his political position to…show more content…
The strength of this method is that it delivers concrete results. Parnell was not able to actually achieve Home Rule himself, but he was able to get was support for the party. This support allowed things like third Home Rule Bill to be passed by the House of Commons. Before this Irish nationalists were not able to achieve success of this magnitude. The only problem is that constitutional nationalism is a time consuming method towards Irish independence. This is their greatest weakness. For example it took two initial Home Rule Bills to be rejected before the third was passed in 1914. And even when the third Home Rule Bill was actually passed, it took longer than expected to become a law. As this proves, constitutional nationalism is successful way to deliver results in achieving Irish self-government. On the contrary through the Parnell example you can see that it is a long and slow process to get to Irish

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