African American Police Brutality

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From decades ago to present, the tragic and breaking issue of Law enforcement brutality towards African American in Modern Society has been a serious social problem. This issue has not only taken the lives of mothers and fathers but the innocent lives of sons and daughters. When you read novels and articles you will realize how rampant law enforcement brutality is towards African Americans. This is a topic just about everyone on the planet has a perspective on. Many view the issue of brutality towards African Americans as morally wrong and a crime against races. Law authority ruthlessness towards African Americans in society ought to be ended all around the globe on the grounds that it is taking the lives of too many African Americans, slaughtering…show more content…
Based on past experiences, this type of violence has grown in extreme lengths, becoming a major concern of today’s minority community. Out of the minority community, it is specifically the black race that is treated the worst by law enforcement. The African American community has been forced into submission by the police officers through deadly incidents, excessive force that leads to inexcusable assaults, beatings, stabbings, and shootings. It is clearly shown in history, that police brutality is just another way to control the black race, just to preserve the privileges and power of the white race. The continuous practice of police brutality ha negatively impacted the African American community. A strong hatred toward the white population in America has been established from this abuse of the law. Law enforcement brutality, is when an officer abuses power by using his or her badge and gun to not follow the laws that everyone else follows and therefore utilize pointless power against another person. Recently, this issue has become more publicized because of extreme cases of police brutality on black individuals. This just enforces the belief that black lives do not matter. This abuse violates a person’s rights as a citizen of the United States of America. This country was built on the foundation that all men are equal but this brutality showcases that this is not true. The insults, beatings, and murders that police do can break down a community. Nationwide, the crimes that are done to the minority community are committed by corrupted police officers who fail to receive any punishment for their wrong doings. These acts are a clear violation of the fourth amendment where it plainly states that this amendment is supposed to “provide protection to those persons wronged by the misuse of power, possessed by the virtue of state law and made it possible only because the

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