Abraham Lincoln Visionary Characteristics

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Abraham Lincoln is a visionary leader because he was devoted to human rights and believed all people should have a right to rise. He wanted America to be diverse. He displayed visionary characteristics throughout his presidency. Good characteristics of visionary leadership are good communicator, charismatic leader, chief organizer, and risk taker (Patrick, 2015). He had a gift for storytelling and became an effective communicator and a risk taker. He was able to express himself and demonstrate to others his beliefs and thoughts. He believed there was need to reconstruct the South and rebuild the Union to establish freedom in America. Abraham Lincoln used dispositional flexibility. According to the Course 14 Core Lesson, Change Management, “Leaders who display dispositional flexibility operate from a place of optimism grounded in realism and openness. They acknowledge a bad situation while simultaneously visualizing a better future” (p.7). Abraham Lincoln’s vision was to have slavery abolished during his presidency. This was a controversial issue but Abraham Lincoln remained focused on his vision to make a better future for the people of the United States of America. He had no military background, grew up in poverty, was uneducated, had never been in battle, and people declared him unable to lead. He taught himself how to read and write. He…show more content…
Once the people heard him speak, they realized what he valued and what changes he wanted to make so people supported him. The people believed in him and trusted he would make the right decision for the Nation. According to the Course 14 Core Lesson Diversity, “Diversity is multi-dimensional. It includes all of the similarities and differences that together make each of us unique” (p.3). Diversity makes the United States of America unique because each of us is different in our own way. Diversity and ethics

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