Conception Of Babies

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Conception: Conception occurs about 2 weeks after menstruation, ovulation occurs in the egg (ovum) travels from the ovaries to the Fallopian tubes. From there in enters the uterus. Then after coitus, sperm travels out of the urethra. Conception then occurs if the semen fertilizes the ovum. Stages of pregnancy: First trimester lasts for the first 13 weeks. During this period the babies body structure and organ systems are developing. There are a variety of symptoms women get during the period, including nausea, fatigue, frequent urination, and etc. This is also the time where most miscarriages and birth defects happen. Second trimester lasts from week 14- 26. During this new period, nausea tends to decrease, you get better sleep, and your…show more content…
This is the final stage before birth. You may get physical symptoms like shortness of breath, sleeping problems and more. Your baby bones have formed, movement increases, the eyes can now open and close, and so much more. Responsiblities as parents: The responsibilities of parents are huge. They must know how to feed it, or at least what to feed and when. There is also learning how to change it and when to change it. As the child gets older a parent will have to set rules and with those rules comes punishments if there are broken. Rules like being nice to one another, using manners, no yelling, and no lying etc. Punishments include time outs and taking away…show more content…
The fetus begins to develop genitals, hair, nails, and even vocal cords! From the 16- 20 the baby begins to develop fat under a this layer of skin. The heart begins to pump 25 quarts of blood everyday. The fetus development begins to slow down as during the 21st and 24th week. The eyelids and eyebrows are usually fully developed by now. From 26th- 34th week al parts of the eyes have developed, foot/finger prints have started to form. The nervous system is developed enough to control some functions in the body. Babies bones have fully developed but are still soft. From the 35th-40th week you baby should be about 5 1/2 pounds, and your baby will keep gaining weight, baby has a sleeping pattern already. The babies heart and blood vessels are complete. Hair is thicker and lanugo is gone except for on the upper arms and shoulders. Childbirth: Child birth is probably the most painfulness thing a women could do, if its natural. Before a women goes through labor her "water breaks" or shell know if she is getting contractions which are longer and

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