Competing Again: Personal Narrative Analysis

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Competing Again Everyone experiences failure at some point in their life; it could be caused by a tragic event or simply by giving up, but what really matters is how they bounce back. I failed one time, and at that time I lost my motivation and failed academically. I needed to bounce back, I always knew that I had to change, but unfortunately I waited too long. Living in a big competitive family, I grew up having a strong competitive spirit. I am the youngest of seven. My parents were old when they raised me, so I had to be independent from a young age. Each one of my siblings is completely different from the other, and has their own huge ego and dominate traits. I always saw it as a competition to outdo them. In which I always lost. Even…show more content…
The years had passed and things had changed, my parents had split, and each one of my siblings had their own family, or gone to university. Not having my most of my family around me so much, the competitive spirit in me had died. I did not care about anything, flunked in school and isolated myself. I forgot about any goal I had for the future, or hobbies I had. Without my family’s existence so often everything looked blue. Then, my procrastinating and laziness put me in a difficult situation. It lasted for a few years until it came time to apply to universities. In my senior year in high school I realized that I did not do anything for my university application. It shocked me how little time I had left, as if I did not see it coming. I regretted every second I had wasted, but I had to do something, because regret over wasted time is a waste of time. When I saw how much my behavior had affected me, I knew I had to change quickly. I was lost and did know what to do, but I had to revive the competitive spirit in me. I gave it my all, and ran faster than my feet. I barely pulled myself together. I did 95 hours of voluntary work and graduated with an A honor, but still it was too late to get into any

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