Cameron's Breaking Point: Camp Mosher

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Breaking Point was about a guy named Cameron who got into trouble, and got sent to a camp called; Camp Mosher; in Nova Scotia on the eastern coast. He meets Chris his mentor; Gerard his roomate and Brianna. During the book Cameron and Brianna get really close, and they run away together. Later on they got in a hurricane and they shouldn't survive the hurricane,because; it was a very dangerous one. They maded it to an island and they found a guy and the guy asked how they survived the hurricane out on the ocean. He said they shouldnt have survived it because of how dangerous the storm was. In the end Cameron asked Brianna where she wanted to go and she said back to the camp. They got there and it was the last day of camp and Chirs helped them. Lesley Choyce spends his time on the waters of the Eastern shore of Nava Scotia when not writing for tenns and running his own publishing company. His lastest books for Orca include Reckless, and…show more content…
Cameron was sent there because he got caught breaking an enetering. His mentor's name at the camp is Chris. His roomates name is Gerard. Cameron sees this beautiful girl named Brianna. His thoughts about her were "he couldn't look away from her long dark hair that was wet and clinging to her sides of her face, and framing it.' Her face was stuck in his mind. Cameron and Brianna fell in love, she asked him to escape with her. They escaped when a hurricane was starting and it was very windy and the waves rocked their kiyaks like crazy.They made it to an island and met this guy telling them that they shouldn't have survived the hurricane because of how powerful the storm was. The guy asked them if they needed a ride and Cameron asked Brianna where she wanted to go and she said back to camp. So they went and when they got there Chris was the only one there because camp was over and he would help them and wouldn't tell anyone just

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