Sunnydale's Character In 'Buffy The Vampire'

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Essay 4 In “Buffy the Vampire “ show you see many characters that take part in heroic acts helping Buffy defeat the manifestation of demons and vampires in SunnyDale. SunnyDale used to be called inferno, the pit of hell's hole a portal hole where all demons and vampires have access to entering and exit to earth. Buffy plays the main character in the show as a super heroin that is chosen to be the slayer and protects the town of the evil soulless monsters. Buffy carries great responsibilities with great power. Not anyone can be the slayer or superhero: it takes a person with great moral standing, good intuition and know how to deal with good or bad conflicts in the time of tragedy. In “Buffy the vampire slayer”, Buffy has a best friend Willow in which she met when she moved to SunnyDale, they’re friendship was a hit when they first met.…show more content…
Willow then denies it and cast a spell on Tara to forget the argument. Even more, Unknowingly Willow displays that she is not in control if her substance abuse instead it is controlling her leading her to lose Tara later on in the show then finds a magic warlock dealer by the name of Rack and become addicted to his dark magic becomes more powerful and puts Dawn in tremendous danger just for quick fix. Being addicted to the magic is like a meth drug, this shows us that Willow is a vulnerable person and doesn't convey rational instinct and intuition. A superhero would use or intuitions and rational instinct without justifying heinous acts and set boundaries within them selfs to separate them from good Samaritans to the villains. Superhero’s would never put anyone's life on the line, but willow did because her of distress o knowing how to recognize that she had a substance problem and how to cope with Tara leaving so she use this to find a way out of

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