What Are The Similarities Between 'Me, Dead Dad And Alcatraz'

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In “Me, Dead Dad and Alcatraz”, Elvin Bishop finds out he has an undead family member after being told it is just him and his mother. This novel by Chris Lynch follows Elvin Bishop as he finds out his “living” dead uncle Alex, the brother of his deceased father isn’t dead after all. Elvin begins to find out who he really is. Elvin Bishop, the protagonist of “Me, Dead Dad and Alcatraz” by Chris Lynch and I are not at all similar. We have different views of the world, are viewed by the world in distinctive ways and I would respond in a different way to the central conflict of the novel. Therefore, I believe given the chance, we would not be friends. Elvin views the world as a very simplistic place. He is content with having a…show more content…
He sees that change is a very bad thing to have in the world in his eyes, and he cannot accept an adjustment unless he really finds himself being trapped into it. The way I view the world is a bad place that is kind of decent. Every time I turn on the local or national news like CNN, I always see something about a child dying or a police officer murdering someone. It has gotten out of control as of recently. I believe that all people have a good side and a bad side to them. To me, no one at all is perfect . Even if you have $100 million dollars and own half of Apple Inc., you can still be a depressed person or live a drama-filled life. The world views the protagonist as an overweight, staring, fatherless guy that is confused and has a wonderful talent for playing the tuba in his school band and has a way with sarcasm. His friends Mikie and Frankie usually always run all over him and he never defends himself, but he only has one advantage over them: bowling. Elvin always win against the two in bowling and that brings him relief and motivates him even more. The world views myself as an intelligent, timid and too nice of a person. Some people think I am conceited and think that I’m all

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