Comparing Women In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Women are weak and helpless and men run over them just as they please. This stereotype of medieval literature is seen as being debatable within literature. There is two works amongst others that challenge that stereotype and two include “Lanval” and “Sir Gawain and The Green Knight” both by Marie de France. It is questionable whether or not the women characters are as powerful as the poems men are. So many times in earlier times it is seen that the men should hold more power than the women. So the question is has that changed over time or has it stayed the same. The two poems have some comparisons and contrasts over the comparative power by the women and the men they present. In Marie de France’s “Lanval” the power is seen within the character of the Fairy Queen. She owns her own tent in the woods. The women during…show more content…
The Fairy Queen uses her power to come to his rescue. She rides on a horse like a knight riding to save his woman. Once she arrives at her destination she talks directly to the court and pleads Lanvals case. The Fairy Queen is most powerful here because women wouldn’t dare stand up to a court especially kings court. The Fairy Queen wins and instead of the typical man on the horse and woman behind him. Lanval jumps on behind her. Besides the Fairy Queen there are women who possess power as well. Fairies go to the court as well all dressed up and holding attention. Usually when women dress the way they are it is to please a man. This is not the case in this part because the women are dressed to get the attention of the court. They knew that the courts attention would be on them and that they wouldn’t prosecute Lanval. Not only did they do that they were bold enough to speak to the King at the podium. Basically they told the king what to do and he fell for it. Usually that would never happen with the king so easily bowing down to

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