The Sword In The Stone Arthur Character Traits

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In The Sword in the Stone Arthur characteristics is those of a king even as a boy. He is loyal, honest, reliable, fair, selfless, and does not get angry and make rash decisions. The biggest event that shows this is when Arthur goes to fetch Sir Kays sword, he runs all the way to the lodging where the sword is he cant get it so he he does what it takes to get a sword and pulls the sword out of the stone. He gives it to his brother and his brother Sir Kay claims that he should be king and he pulled the sword even after this event Arthur still respects him and still does the best for Sir Kay by appointing him as the royal seneschal a very powerful and respected position. Sir Kay shows characteristics that he is not king material by being selfish, dishonest, and bning greedy. These characteristics would lead to a downfall of the people wherever he is leading, being selfish and taking away from the people who actually deserve what they get.…show more content…
The tale of sir lancelot du lake is full of violence and romantic intrigues, this man would sacrifice staying in a cage until he dies then choose between 4 beautiful queens because of his love for queen gwynevere. The violence trails through the whole story from the queens throwing him into a cage until he die to the3 end of the story where he battles the knights and sheds the blood of all that com against him. In the sword in the stone there is betrayal and romantic intrigues. Arthur has love for his brother even when Sir Kay tries to betray him and take what was rightfully Arthur, Arthur still gives the brother power and treats him no

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