Comparing Running Out Of Music And The Story Of An Hour

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In “Running Out of Music” by Constance Squires and “The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin, both authors develop the theme of “the satisfaction of freedom” through their construction of symbols, conflict, and characterization. Mrs. Mallard’s heart disease and music symbolizes freedom, revealing that universal things such as music and heart disease can display the satisfaction of being free. Music represents the goodness of wanting to be free, “Lucinda felt acutely the restrictions on her freedom, and resented the increasing amount of lying she had to do”(Squires 9). Similarly, how music represents freedom Mrs Mallard’s heart disease represents freedom as well. Once Mrs. Mallard discovers her husband’s death, “She had died of a heart disease--of the joy that kills”(Chopin 2). The need…show more content…
Mallard and Lucinda being such dynamic characters, highlights the actions a person can and will go through for freedom. Mrs. Mallard and Lucinda are sheltered women who have a need and want for independence, “But she saw beyond that bitter moment a long procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely”(Chopin 2). Through the thought of her husband being dead, Mrs. Mallard believes she finally has freedom. Lucinda also takes action that highlight her need for independence and freedom, “having told her her mother she would be studying with a friend, she lit out for Nately’s barracks as soon as she stepped off the bus”(Squires 9). The need for freedom and independence is what pushes Lucinda and Mrs. Mallard to do and believe these things. People will go through great distances to gain freedom. It takes Mrs. Mallard the thought of her husband’s death to believe she had freedom and Lucinda lying to her parents to gain any freedom from them. When a person has a lack of freedom, that person will go through many lengths to get it back. Both Mrs. Mallard and Lucinda are so sheltered and preserved that it takes a lot for them to go through to satisfy their need for

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