Here Gather The Stars By Clifford Simak

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The book Way Station, originally titled Here Gather The Stars, by Clifford Simak is an American Sci-fi novel, that depicts one of the themes of the book is “...a rather mystical approach to a future in which the brotherhood of humans and aliens is envisioned.” This statement expresses Simaks theme from the book way station. “Then a U.S. agent is revealed, who has tracked down stories about Enoch that prove he is 124 years old, the last survivor of the Civil War, though in appearance he is perhaps 30. We soon learn Enoch's secret: he was chosen by aliens to operate a way station of their interstellar teleportation network.” This excerpt from Horton's article provides the very beginning of the novel. This is where the US government first starts getting suspicious of enoch when they catch wind that a civil war vet is living in 1964 Wisconsin, and he hasn't aged at all.…show more content…
And then the intrusion of some of the alien political actors seems to make Enoch's choices even less desirable, while forcing him to a confrontation with elements of both the alien and human bad guys.” This excerpt describes the major plot, or dilemma, faced by enoch in the story. In an article by Josh Wimmer, wimmer makes some comments about Simkas writing style, and how it is not so much very “THIS IS CLIFFORD SIMAK” as many

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