Personal Narrative: Figure Skating

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I inch my toes to the edge of the white line and I stare intently at the raised gun. Pouncing off the starting line like a cheetah, I sprint ahead of the others to avoid getting boxed in. The timer in my head counts down and I chase the seconds as they fly away. All my anxiety vanishes and the only thing my mind registers is the sight of the crisp white lines popping out from the vibrant blue rubber of the track. Just hours later, I glide onto the ice, forcing dry stale air down my throat. The undisturbed, silent, coldness of the air instills a calm serenity in me. Only the faint scratches of blades can be heard echoing through the rink. I am wary of my surroundings, as a stroke in the wrong direction at the wrong time could result in dire consequences. Vigilant forethought is put into every single motion, no matter how small. I consider where other skaters are, what techniques to apply to the move, which muscles to tense, and even when I should point my toes. Each movement is repeated a myriad of times in order to improve over time. The repetition is imperative to the perfection one aspires to in figure skating. Each of my sports have been key to my self development. Participating in running and skating has not only kept me fit, but has also altered my perspective on the world…show more content…
Each second will always last exactly the same amount. Focusing on time allows me to temporarily lose all responsibility. I forget about homework, tests, and quizzes, and I visualize triumphantly crossing the finish line. However, when I skate, time seems to change its cadence every day. Each piece of music offers a specific tempo and mood, acting as an external force to dictate every motion. Instead of aiming to perform in the least amount of time possible, I must elongate every stroke, turn, and extension to convincingly relay the story of the music. Skating has taught me how to effectively use every second, hour, and day to its fullest

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