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In the film Tough Guise, there were examples upon examples about why male violence is such a problem and why it needs to be discussed on a much deeper level. As time goes on, male violence has become more of a prevalent problem and we need to understand why. Behavior modeling is one influence that I feel can attribute a lot to this reasoning. Jackson Katz stated in the film “we often talk about violence being a learned behavior, but it’s more to the point to say that it’s a taught behavior.” In our society, it is completely normal for men to teach boys on how to become a ‘real man.’ As a result, they are teaching these behaviors, ideas, and concepts into the minds of these young men about who they should and should not be. They are taught that in order to be a true man, they cannot show emotion, have to act tough, cannot think too much, and be sexually aggressive towards women.…show more content…
We police young men to be a certain way and then un-police young men when their behavior is destructive and should be intolerable. It can also be argued that this violence is taught because women do not even come close to being as violent as men. Girls are not typically taught growing up on how to fight, how to hide emotion and only show anger, and be sexually aggressive. Katz also stated in the film “Why it is that girls and women also live in a culture saturated with guns and media violence, also suffer from mental illness, also come from dysfunctional families and have substance abuse problems, also live in houses with lead paint, yet don’t commit anywhere near the amount of violence boys and men do.” Girls are often taught on how to be pristine young ladies and boys are being taught on how to be big tough

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