Comparing Frankenstein To Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The name Frankenstein is most commonly remembered as the name of the monster.On the contrary Frankenstein is the last name of the maker who full name is Victor Frankenstein. This new adaptation of Mary Shelley 1818 ‘Frankenstein’ is all about Victor and Igor journey to create the ever classic Frankenstein’s monster. This new spin on this classic tale, shows the perspective through the eyes of Igor, Victor’s hunchback assistant played by Daniel Radcliffe. Which is highly interesting because originally the character Igor never existed in the book nor did Victor even have any kind of lab assistant. Igor was a character created in the first adaptation of the book in 1931. Which does set the film apart from the many films made of Frankenstein. Surprisingly, though was Igor created to be just a side character now he is front a center moving the story along. More often than not the Monster is the leading role in the story but now its Igor time to shine.…show more content…
Some acting was better than others such as Daniel Radcliffe (Igor). His acting was superb, its hard to think that Daniel a.k.a Harry Potter could pull of a role like Igor the hunchback assistant. Who in general is normally a side character. Though, Daniel did a fantastic job bringing the character to life, and he really made you believe in the story. Now James McAvoy, the actor who played Victor, I must lived up to my expectation of the mad scientist Frankenstein crazy enough to sew body parts together. I believe for someone to do that they would need to be a big ball of crazy. That is exactly how Victor acts in the film crazy with a one track mind and insane of ideas of surpassing god. Not to mention his bad habit of stealing body parts of dead human and
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