Comparing Bach, Handel, And Mozart

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The three major Baroque composers Bach, Handel, and Mozart all had their own differences and similarities between them. From childhood to death the composers all have qualities that were shared that influenced them and qualities that set them apart from the others in their own way. Looking at several biographies of the three men we can see what made them who they were and how they made the time period what it was. Looking at childhood we see similarities in Bach and Mozart and more similarities are revealed latter. From the earliest part of their lives both Bach and Mozart had similarities between them. Unlike Handel both Bach and Mozart had fathers who were musicians and encouraged music. Bach’s father was a string player who worked for the town council. Mozart’s father, Leopold, wrote a famous violin manual showing that he was a good string player. Both of them had the encouragement from their parents to do music that Handel never had. Handel’s father never supported his musical talents as a kid. His father was a surgeon and wanted Handel to follow him. It wasn’t until a duke heard Handel play that he was encouraged to learn music. One connection Between Mozart and Bach is that Mozart met and was influenced by Bach’s son, Johann Christian Bach, in London.…show more content…
Bach had learned to play strings from his father when he was a child. When his father had died he then learned how to play the keyboard from his brother who would look after him in the future. Mozart had learned Harpsichord at the age of three which led him to composing at 5. When his father took him and his sister on tour he would play violin and keyboard for the courts. When Handel started learning music he learned the organ from his teacher when he went to school. Later he would learn the violin but not as a

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