Do Mixed-Race People Have An Ethical Argument For Black/White

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1. Identify the Author’s argument, main idea or thesis. In this article titled “Do Mixed-Race (Black/White) People have an Ethical Obligation to Identify as Black?” written by Francis Wardle, the author wrote about identifying with one’s own race and made an attempt to answer the question provided as the title. Wardle is trying to address a question that was answered by another person on a New York Times article. The author does not agree with the Chatterton Williams’ believes, this is why Wardle provides his opinion from the perspective of a psychologist. The writer selects various claims made by Williams and proves them wrong. 2. Explain the author’s line of reasoning by identifying the claim(s) used to build the argument. The author began the article by providing the reasons that drove him to write the…show more content…
He later gave an example of what it means to be biracial. Wardle addressed a few of the claims he believed to be wrong in the New York Times article. The author started by mentioning the “All Biracial Children Look Black” argument, he continued to write how this argument is used by many. Wardle explained the situation by alluding the example of a woman who believed that “the fact that she was passed over by a New York City cab driver was proof that she was black”. Also, the writer mentioned an argument that is called self-fulfilling in psychology. He explained that this argument means that “if a biracial child (or adult) matches someone’s essentialist view of what a black person looks like, then yes, they look black. But if not, the viewer probably doesn’t even think they are biracial”. Furthermore, Wardle described how his children are constantly identified as other races but black and people think that he and their mother have no relationship to their children because they are an interracial couple. In addition, the writer introduced another claim which states “America is still not fully equitable” this meaning that

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