Compare And Contrast The Long Way Home

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The Novel the Long Way Home an American Journey from Ellis Island to the Great War, written by David Laskin. Laskin is an American writer who was born in New York, and went to Harvard College to study History and literature. Laskin wrote The Long Way Home talking about immigrants who became heroes, he talks about their lives starting from when they did not live in the United States till when they served in the war and all the struggles they went through. Affatato and Chmielewski both have many differences in their story of how they came to America. Affatato was born in Italy January 3, 1895 and emigrated with his brother to join his father who then worked as a laborer in New York. He later entered the army in April 1, 1918 and served as private…show more content…
He bought a place where he lived which was very close to where frank lived so they would see each other a ton. He worked at the mine for three years then got a new job at the steel mill in Johnstown. The Draft for the civil war had begun in 1917 and men had to be between the age twenty-one and thirty, but Joe being twenty was too young to register (Laskin 122-123). After America entered the war this rumor went around saying if you sign up to serve in the army you will automatically become an American citizen, so Chmielekski signed up, not knowing it was not true. Chmielewski was in one of the ships where they had the 6th Division machine-gun battalion, the British troop transport and when they were assigned to “man the ship’s 6-inch guns,” they got mistaken, because they said “American machine gunners would never gave been enlisted to operate British artillery” (Laskin 190-191). Affatato’s adventure in America started off with him getting up to look for gold, he searched everywhere in Park Avenue in Brooklyn. His first day in America was not so much of a success (Laskin 44-45). Affatato had become a soldier with half a million other soldiers as soon as he arrived to the United States (Laskin 78). A similarity they both had was that both men had their brother with them in

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