Compare And Contrast Eastern Civilization With A Western Civilization

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Compare and contrast an eastern civilization with a western civilization using three categories of SPRET Rome was one of the most powerful empires ever but it never interacted with any eastern civilization like china during the Han Dynasty. But if they were to interact what would it be like? the most common things that they had in common and were different was their technology, social and their religion. Religion: The religion in ancient Rome was much more intense than the Han dynasty main religion. While the Roman rulers organized a state religion and the emperors took a big part in it, the Han emperors were more secular; they realized the existence of the gods and took part in ceremonies, but were for the most part unconcerned with them. The Han used Confucian thought as the primary religion of the empire. By 100 B.C., the Confucian honor, tradition, respecting the lessons of history, and emphasizing the emperor’s responsibility to heaven became the official doctrine of the empire. Technology: The most advanced technology in the world at that time came from Ancient china, the invention of gunpowder, the first printing press, and the first paper money system, All of those things we still use today but Rome had some of the best military technology, that…show more content…
The Colosseum was the most popular entertainment building, used mostly for gladiatorial games which they would have well-trained men fight, sometimes to the death. Now on the other hand The way China spent their time was skilled writing. Han china, poetry, stories and books were very common; the most important people had to be expected to be versed in song and poetry. Men were expected to be able to create a poem on the

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