Compare And Contrast Democrats And Republicans

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The politics in the United States have been a two party system for the last 150 plus years. The two parties that have a chance at winning a major election are the Democrats and the Republicans. Not since Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive) has there been a third party candidate that was close to winning a position in a federal election. Roosevelt ran for a second term as part of the Progressive Party after splitting from the Republican Party. Roosevelt decision to run as a third party candidate resulted in an easy victory for Woodrow Wilson, a democrat. Roosevelt and William Taft (R) splitting the votes that would have generally gone to a single republican candidate is considered a major reason for Wilson's victory. This may be a significant reason…show more content…
The Platform of the Libertarian Party is a focus on individual rights and limited government. Libertarians are untested major political offices with the exception of Ron Paul who, even though he runs as a Republican, maintains his libertarian beliefs. There are other less famous politicians who claim to have libertarian views: namely Tea Party Republicans. These politicians have been criticized by democrats and republicans alike. Democrats dislike Tea Party members unwillingness to compromise on their libertarian views. While Republicans argue that Tea Party members are too willing to go against party line. Libertarians are generally considered to be more liberal on social issues than democrats, and more conservative on fiscal issues than republicans. Democrats are considered hypocrites for wanting republicans to stay out of people's bedrooms, while democrats get more involved in what people eat and drink. Libertarians would take this a step further and say "stay out of my bedroom, my fridge, my lungs, and my liver." Democrats scoff at republicans for criticizing President Obama's spending, pointing out how much President Bush spent. Although President Bush's spending does not come near President Obama spending, libertarians would agree that President Bush's spending was out of

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