Fahrenheit 451 Literary Analysis

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Nathan Pawlowski ENG09 Fahrenheit 451 09/08/14 This story “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury is set in an alternative future, that is highly advance in technology, but that is a disoriented, suppress and a viscous society. Where everybody is disconnected from one another due to technology because of this people are unaware of themselves and others, basically living in self- deception. Drowning themselves in television, and other social media, and other technologists that are poisoning their minds. In this futuristic society a lots things are prohibitive and frown an upon. The biggest thing that is prohibitive is literature. In this alternative future if caught with any form of literature, you would will be arrest, and your…show more content…
After one night after burning books, while walking home, he ran into this teenage girl named Clarisse McClellan. This girl Clarisse started question him about his life as they were walking, and one question that really bother him the most is when the girl ask him are you happy? At first he reply back in a shock, careless, cocky manner that he is happy, but later when he got home started to contemplate in his lifeless, dark, home. He came to the realization that he wasn't happy what so ever. While heading into his bedroom, he notice that his wife look lifeless on the bed, and then he accidentally kicked this bottle, it was an empty bottle of sleeping pills. Then he realize that his wife has attempt suicide, and is dieing right in front of him. In a fit of a panic outburst he called the…show more content…
Also, after the ordeal when his wife came to the next day, she apparently didn't even remember what she did, nor won't she admitted or accepted. Instead she thinks she was just hangover from a party that supposedly happen last night. Montag couldn't convince his wife the truth no manner what he did or said to her, it just went out one ear then the other. Instead she was more interested and focus on the script she has received for this interactive television program. Montag, frustrated and bewildered about what happened the previous night, decides to leave and heads off to work. On his way to work he encounters Clarisse again standing in the rain, tasting the raindrops and telling Montag what dandelions represent. As he finally gets to work, and enters the fire station he encounters the mechanical hound, he goes up to it trying to touch it, it end up growling at him and almost attacking him. After this brief encounter, Montag tells the his fellow fireman, Captain Beatty that the mechanical hound try to attack him and doesn't like

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