Kathleen Marshall 'The Kiss Of Spider-Woman'

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Kathleen Marshall was a choreographer and director in the 1900s, and still is today. She has been labeled as a “vintage” girl due to her love of working on revivals of older musicals. Her taste for musicals was stubbornly old-school by far. Kathleen’s older brother Robert is a choreographer as well, and helped her rise to fame after inviting her to Toronto to work on “The Kiss of Spider-Woman” where she met the big names of the time: Harold “Hal” Prince, Susan Schulman, Jack O’Brien, Michael Blakemore, and Jerry Zaks. She was on the road to fame, and nobody was stopping her. She changed the musical world with her in-depth understanding for the characters and showing that to the audience through the choreography. She is a living, breathing, Tony Award winning choreographer and director that took the musical theater aspect of dance by a storm.…show more content…
She has two older siblings who are twins, Robert Marshall and Maura Marshall. Her older brother was a choreographer, so she had musical talent in the family. She graduated from Taylor Allderdice High School in 1980. She then went on to graduate from Smith College in 1985, and is named Woman of the World by Smith College. She studied English, even though she really wanted to do Choreography. She was in a few smaller productions in Pittsburgh in her youth. On September 19, 2009 she married Scott Landis, who was an executive producer at one time. They have twin four year old daughters together. She collaborated with her brother on many musicals: She Loves Me, Seussical, Damn Yankees, and Victor/Victoria. Her brother was a big part of helping her gain her

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