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Long-Term Comets Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see things from other places in space? What about traveling on a comet, long-term comets to be exact. To be able to see all the things they come across and exactly where they go and what happens to the ones that never make it back. Most of us in our lifetime will probably never see a long-term comet. In this paper, I will talk about the history of long-term comets, the components that make up these amazing comets, the tail and the body of the comet. Long-term comets are comets that have orbital periods longer than 200 years. Long-term comets originate in the spherical shell of icy bodies known as the Oort Cloud. Long-term comets can reappear after periods of thousands to a million years and even sometimes not at all, and can be difficult to detect, because of their long periods. With these long periods, they have a lot of time in other solar systems. Because long-term comets travel in other solar systems and have such a long time to interact with other things, these things can change their orbit a little or change it completely. Comets orbit the Sun in elongated elliptical or parabolic orbits.…show more content…
As most people would guess, comets are made mostly of ice, about 85%. Other major components that comets are made up include dust, rocks, and frozen gases. However, comets are made up of a lot of other minor contributing factors. These minor components are organic material, such as ethanol, formaldehyde, or hydrogen cyanide and even amino acids. There has even been research proposed by NASA that comets that DNA components can be found in comets. If this is true, makes you think about how life was

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