Columbian Drug War

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To begin, for my cultural artifact I decided to do the movie Clear and Present Danger and the Columbian Drug war because I felt these two topics were very closely connected. The movie: Clear and Present Danger was directed by Phillip Noyce and was released in 1994 (Ford). The genre of this movie is a spy-thriller and is based off the written by Tom Clancy who is well known for his books (Ford). The movie is about an order sent by the President of the United States in which he sends a ghost squad into Columbia to take out all the major Drug Lords. When someone inside the CIA discovers what the President of the United States is doing, the President then decides to try and make a cover-up to prevent him from actually being tied with. This act…show more content…
Colombia is the largest exporter of Cocaine and because of that the U.S. has taken an effort to try and prevent the spread of Drugs into the United States (PBS). These two topics are very interrelated because they show the stereotypes and facts of what actually occurs in the Drug War in Colombia. The movie: Clear and Present Danger is a thrilling movie because it keeps you at the edge of your seat (Ford). Before watching this movie, I watched the prequel to this which was the movie Patriot Games and I consider this as a top ten movie on my list. In the beginning of the movie it shows the Coast Guard in pursuit of a yacht in which they boarded and found friends of the President murdered by a Colombian Drug Cartel. After this scene the President sends a team to take out the entire Colombian Drug Lords in retaliation of his friend’s death. This mission was called a “Clear and Present Danger” because he felt that taking the lords out would prevent the influx of drugs…show more content…
The drug war start a little over fifty years ago and this war is still going on. Many people have believed that the CIA conducts missions in Colombia but there are no confirmed reports of this actually happening. Since Colombia doesn’t prosecute crimes in Colombia, they end up sending their “drug lords” to the United States for trial where they are later imprisoned. How the drug war came about, Colombia started exporting Cocaine in small amounts until they started exporting it in larger amounts in which the United States noticed the large amounts over time and that’s when they started cranking up their efforts to prevent this from happening. One of the most famous drug cartels was the Medellin; this cartel was run by Pablo Escobar (PBS). Pablo Escobar is one of the most notorious drug lords because he exported most of the cocaine to the United States. After the fall of the Medellin Cartel, the drug trade has gone down to smaller organizations that run alongside paramilitary forces to continue to distribute these drugs. One of these paramilitary groups that run these operations is the F.A.R.C in which they are considered one of the most dangerous groups in Colombia and it is hard for Colombia to stop them because of how much power they have (Policy). Over the years, the United States has made an effort to stop the drug war. Currently the United

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