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<p> To all the gamers out there! Be ready to experience gaming on a whole new level where everything comes alive right in front of your own eyes! Microsoft brings you the Xbox One gaming console, to let all you gamers witness gaming which pushes realistic boundaries. A console where everything you operate is customized and switching over from a game to an app has never been this easy. This is the Xbox One. The Xbox One, where all your entertainment is logged in one place. The convenience of entertainment! The console that adapts the way you want it to work. The Xbox One is here to power your fantasies. That is something exceptional. </p><p> The Xbox one comes power packed with 8 cores. The 8 corex86 processor is designed to get you through your operations…show more content…
Designed for today’s pace, the Xbox One lets you download and update information just behind the scenes so that you can straight away jump into it. Suspending and resuming game play instantly is much easier thanks to the cloud which let you starts right where you left off, be it in a match or any race. The Xbox one comes loaded with 8GB of RAM and 500GB of hard drive to let you store plenty of games, apps and other stuff. The Xbox One supports Blue-ray, so play games and watch movies in the best quality available. If you think that was all, well hold your horses, the best is yet to come! The Xbox one lets you connect your satellite or cable TV box to the console through a HDMI pass thru. The Xbox One console comes with a wireless controller. Play games or watch movies or browse through your apps while you’re sinking in your couch or lying down on your comfortable bed. With the Xbox One, you never compromise on comfort when operating it with the wireless controller. Two AA batteries power up the console which also comes with an AC power cord.</p><p> Play all the biggest games available with great power and performance. Having the Xbox One console is almost equivalent to having a

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