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Focus I plan to research how clinical depression in teens is treated and are there any long and short term affects. How clinical depression in teen treated and what is are the long and short term affects? My research will include what is clinical depression, how it leads to long and short term affects and what kinds of treatment are available. In my proposal I will state my reasons for choosing this topic, what I hope to find about this topic, how I gathered my information and what my excepted outcomes are. My reason for this topic is because I suffered from clinical depression and I know many other teenagers are as well. I plan to find out the different types of health problems you develop, the different treatment you can receive and the different medicines they have available. I have concerns about the medication called Zoloft, I was once on this medicine and the size effects were bizarre. The medication did help but in the end it only ended up being bad. Being prescribed anti-depressants is a big thing especially for a sixteen year old girl. I understand the medication was to balance chemicals in your brain that affects emotions and moods but this medicine was doing more than that. When I…show more content…
For days at a time I would be watched by my parents, my sisters or doctors to make sure I wasn’t harming myself. I understand that almost all anti-depressants have a side effect or causing suicidal thoughts. My issue with this is that if there is proof that this medication will not work on all people why would a teenage girl be prescribed this one and not put in intensive treatment or a different medication? With my research results I hope to find information to present to other families that have teenagers struggling and find a better treatment for their health. If I cannot find a better treatment options I hope to gain better understanding of medication as a treatment

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