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The impression on my work of Pierre Auguste Renior and Claude Monet’s strokes of fluidity and rich colours: Introduction: There have been a number of artists and artworks including different styles, techniques and concepts that I have drawn inspiration from over the years however, the two French Impressionist artists, Pierre Auguste Renior and Claude Monet, have had the greatest influence on my style, initial medium of paint, colour usage as well as my subject matter. Although I have turned from paint to chalk pastel this year, both of the artists’ rich use of colour, broken yet fluid brushstrokes and simple concepts of natural subject matter has had not only the greatest but also the most long lasting influence on my artwork. Body: In…show more content…
These artists influenced Renoir’s painting using bold palate knives for technique which I drew inspiration from and as can be seen in both artworks of mine (image B and C) where I used this technique in the background of each piece of work. Renoir’s subject matter, true to impressionism, captures a fleeting moment in time which was influence subject matter wise as Image B captures the fleeting moment of a girl riding a skateboard down the road and image C the fleeting moment of a pigeon landing from or taking off for flight. Renoir as well as Monet were both able to portray human as well as nature’s feeling which like to try incorporate in my art – emotion, which drops personal boundaries and enables the viewer to connect to the art work. My use of fine yet loose, short and broken brushstrokes such as in image A, is a continuation of inspired style from Monet as well as Renior’s impressionistic…show more content…
I was immediately drawn to him as while reading his biography, I discovered that he paints the fields and meadows near his home which resonated with me as that’s what I did with my first chalk pastel artwork (image c). Furthermore, in his landscapes, Fiore uses abstract marks “to interpret nature's tangle”. This made me think about the topic “surplus and scarcity” from nature’s point of view rather than from man’s point of view. It lead me to the concept of how complicated and intricate that even the simplest looking forms of nature are and this in turn brought to my attention, the scarcity of appreciation of nature – the focus of my matric work. From a technique point of view, Fiore makes visual sense and constructs order by structuring shape, form, tone, colour and rhythm to create a profound reality which I have taken inspiration from for my chalk pastel approach which I have used finer strokes and more intricate detail in order to achieve a ‘profound reality’ of the intricate detail that nature

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