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Circle of Care Hospice Taking care of love ones who are ill and coping from diseases could be emotionally overwhelming. With my own experience when my father was battling with cancer back home, we didn’t have anybody to help us except my family members. There were times when we argued with each other because we were emotionally drained With this activity, I have learned that in Canada there are many community services that could help us in caring for our loved ones who are sick, recovering from illness, and are in need of end-of-life care. Aside from bringing them to the nursing home, they could stay at home and they could get the help they need. Like the Circle of Care Hospice, they provide various services for family caregivers and elders who are in need of assistance.…show more content…
Many of these services are also sought by, but not limited to, family members who are caring for loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s or are recovering from physical or mental illnesses. The hospice also helps family caregivers focus on their own health by giving them the option to have specially trained staff to work with their loved one. To put it into more detail, The Circle of Care Hospice also provides services that help both family caregivers and their loved one cope with increasing dependency by providing personal care, safe and affordable transportation services, meals on wheels, and counselling for both parties. They also have specially trained volunteers and personal support workers that are available to provide compassionate care for loved ones that decide to die at home. These professional staff members help with managing care, hospice programs, bereavement support, personal care and homemaking, and respite

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