Cinderella In American Culture

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Have you ever wondered about the Cinderella stories in the world? If so you are in luck. Many cultures have their own version of this well-known story. Cinderella is best known because of the sweet Disney version but it was many other tales of Cinderella before Disney even got the idea, actually Disney bases there story off of another culture’s even though Cinderella is a sweet little fairy tale, Cinderella in the French and German cultures specifically Cinderella was put through tough times, though ended up being triumphant. But did it in different ways. To begin with Cinderella from the German and also the French was just Treated very badly as from the German version “There she had to do hard work from morning until evening, got up before day break, carry water, make the fires, cook, and wash. Besides this, the sisters did everything imaginable to hurt her” (Grimm). In a similar matter from the French version “when she had done her work, she used to go to the chimney corner, sit down there and in the eiders and ashes” (Perrault). Cinderella was like a maid…show more content…
Cinderella became triumphant beyond all else she was put through with her family in both cultures. In the French in stated that “She was taken to the young prince, dressed as she was. He thought she was more charming than before, and a few days later married her” (Perrault). Similarly in the German version it said that “The prince, however took Cinderella onto his horse and rode away with her” (Grimm). After everything she had to go through she still ended up happier than all the other people treating her wrong. The Prince’s didn’t care about how Cinderella was treated cause they knew they could treat her better than she’s ever been treated before, so as I said before she ended up very happy at the end. As for the sisters they were the meanest of them all after they found out that the prince wanted her they wanted to be her friend and all that but Cinderella had something different in

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