Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

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Victorian England was a thriving era in literature for England. At the time many changes were happening in how literature was written. “Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti was written during this time and bares many influences from what was happening at that time. The forbidden fruit in “Goblin Market” is an allusion to the biblical story of Adam and Eve, the two girls Laura and Lizzie follow the same path by being tempted to eat the fruit. Rossetti uses the goblin’s fruits to represent feminine sexuality. Laura and Lizzie can be described as fallen after being tempted by the goblin merchants due to expressing their repressed sexuality. The two girls have been told never to eat the fruit but finally succumb to temptation and now have to live off a fruit they can’t get to survive. The fruit is addictive and will end a person’s life. This…show more content…
The social restrictions on the woman are what caused them to be tempted in the first place. Therefore, Rossetti is trying to say that there are too many restrictions on how woman should act and is promoting woman’s rights. Also, the Second Opium war could have been an influence to Rossetti. The goblins fruit are seen as an addictive drug like opium, therefore showing Rossetti’s disinterest with the opium trade between Britain and China. Britain would be the goblins taking advantage of the Chinese by making them addicted to opium. A number of scenarios like this can apply to the story. History will always repeat itself and literature will always be influenced by what happening around the author. Christina Rossetti is just one example of a Pre-Raphaelite author who challenged traditional ways of writing. By looking around her, she saw a story and daringly wrote in a unique way contributing the art from the flourishing Victorian
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