Are Fallacies Used In Taylor Swift's Got Milk?

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Got milk? When most people think of fallacies they imagine corrupt businessmen whose only goal is to take our hard earned money; and for the most part this is not an illegitimate worry. We see these types of fallacies every day, from models selling anti-aging products during the morning news, to famous athletes sponsoring Wheaties at the supermarket. Our society is surrounded by these eye-catching fallacies. However, these advertisements are not only used by scandalous corporations. Some companies and interest groups truly believe that the use of fallacies is the only way to get their point across. The department of transportation uses the appeal to emotion as well as the appeal fear in the form of posters in an effort to get people to slow…show more content…
"Got Milk?) that have swept across the country use appeal to authority and shifting the issue, utilizing famous characters such as Superman, and famous faces like Taylor Swift and Hugh Jackman to bring milk back into the public eye as a healthy nutritious part of a balanced diet. As we all know Superman and Taylor Swift have no knowledge of how milks properties really make it a healthy choice, but the majority of Americans will not even think about this aspect of it, they will only see the famous figure and think that because that person is drinking milk it must be good for you. I mean, look at the people that are on the posters; I wish I looked that good. These don’t seem like an evil plan to steal Americans money; however these advertisements are still fallacies. Even if these organizations use advertisements for the good of the country and the citizens that live in it, it is still a fallacy. Therefore, we can determine that fallacies that are used in a way that will help to inform the public are very useful and thus needed in our society. Yet there are many fallacies that are only used to trick the public into buying harmful and unneeded products that only hurt the country as a

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