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A man with almost everything going for him, came to the realization that every possession on this planet was nothing but vanity. Chris McCandless, aka Alexander Supertramp, was simply a 24 year old soul searching for a home. Chris exited his life as the character he was portraying, and entered the stage as a new icon, known as Alexander Supertramp. Alex lived the life of an animal that challenged the extremity of sanity; but why? Chris McCandless was a dreamer, who never waited until his sleepless nights to dream about what this world had in store for him. A sage, whose goal was to eliminate the false being that was within. McCandless was a very sophisticated young man. Unfortunately, he was more book smart then he was street smart. McCandless might have been very intelligent, but when it came to using his common sense in most situations, he wasn't very good at it. Leaving his family and school to go off and find himself in the world had a drastic affect on his sister, mother and father. It seemed that Chris wasn't happy with the family he had. He threw away the school he was attending and left a sister that loved him to find…show more content…
He came across a lot of different people on the way to Alaska. Chris contradicted himself as the story went on. He talked about trust, but ended up lying about his name and about who he was to people he met that put their trust in him. Talk about hypocrisy. McCandless also burnt his money when he first left home, but later on he ended up getting a job, needing money to feed himself and get him through the year. Chris tended to continue to lie. With every friend he made, that fed him and drove him places, he lied to them, to keep his identity sacred, but he still broke the trust that he wouldn't want others to break towards him. The life McCandless ended up living wasn't anything I would ever expect. The trials he went through in life really showed who he precisely was as a

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