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Not many people are very outgoing or courageous. Courage is the ability to stand up to fear, standing tall for what is right. In the novel “The White Rose” this kind of behavior is shown throughout the story. It was shown during the battle against the “Dominator”, when venturing into hostile lands and living in lands that even the toughest soldiers’ fear. The characters of the “Black Company” showed courage in many different forms. The final epic battle of the novel took place in an area known as the “Barrow Lands” where the imperials and the rebels joined forces to fight the “Dominator”, the all great and mighty being. A great deal of courage was shown throughout this battle. Croaker our protagonist had to face his greatest fear in this portion of the story. His greatest enemy the “Limper” showed up at the fight but not to kill him, but to kill his friend the “Lady”; “My fear was so great...My arrow slammed into his black heart.”-Croaker pg 694 chp 56. It takes courage to combat who you fear the most. Another instance in the battle, three men “Elmo”, “Silent” and the Lieutenant of the Black Company jumped onto the “Dominator”. The Dominator is the most forceful being in the realm and these three men choose to foolishly throw their lives away…show more content…
At the city of Oar their three were captured and put into a torture chamber. During their time inside the men remained calm and controlled the situation with ease leading to their swift escape. “...No games...or my men will make your next few hours extremely unpleasant...” pg 587. “...Strapped One-Eye down...Goblin cackled...” pg 589 chp 32. Entering the city they were greeted by imperial soldiers. They had to avoid being recognized or would face death. Risking their lives and standing against impossible odds to accomplish a goal, that is a form of

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