Chris Mccandless Journey

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The advantages and disadvantages of a person living life on the road are in the plenty of both subjects. Living life on the road can be either life or death. The same lifestyle lived by Chris McCandless, a young teenager on a journey to find himself and other opportunities but sadly ends his story in death. The people should live that life is obviously the people in society who are more experienced and honestly for people that just want to find some tranquil peace and quiet. A life on the road is not a life to live with gracious attitude, yet in some cases they really can't help the life that chose them. Firstly, The advantages are very simple, and looked at without the cautious aspect of it. When I was reading “ Call of the Wild” i felt that Chris was looking for something and had more of a mental goal. He was trying to find who he really was and live a certain part of his life away from the obligations and responsibilities; off the grid. A chainless world that revolves precisely around his instinct. He can stop the adventure any time he wants and start a new life or go back to the old one. His brilliants believe it or not was daring to make him strive through the travel and seek all that he could and realize how far he can push himself that it really…show more content…
McCandless seemed like a anti-social kid and wanted to just be left alone. However, he stuck to the people he met because he knew they meant well. Learning new skills and combining the wisdoms that you suck in as you meet a variety of people. It makes a person like Chris smarter than the average loner. He seeked compassion from others as well as he did to them but he knew he couldn't stay long enough to endure too much of it. Sense he is now an individual he can leave everything he started behind and start a new life as many times as he
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