Three Strike Laws: Do They Work To Deter Crime

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“Three Strikes” Laws: Do they work to Deter Crime? The Three Strikes Law was initiated in Washington in 1993 and later ratified by California in 1994. Within the end of the decade the entire nation ratified the law in unison, though it differs in each state. The law was made in an attempt to keep repeat offenders off the street and to keep the people who commit more serious crimes such as Child Sexual Abuse, Murder and Rape behind bars for life without parole. The Law implied that someone who committed a crime three times if convicted the third time would be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. The Law was supported by the Washington and California government because it was an attempt in lowering the crime rate for the worse…show more content…
The people in these states agreed that the law would be a reasonable way to handle the increase in crime while also being justified of putting repeat offenders in jail for life so they could not continue committing said crimes. While the Three Strikes Law became permanent in the State Government people were on both sides of the fence. Some agreed that it was a good law that it was fine how it was but on the other side people felt that it was too strict, and it would put unreasonable jail sentences on people if they were repeat offenders. The law makers also wanted to be able to have a law that dealt with people that did not care about what they were doing. Thus the State government decided that if the criminals decided to continue the ways of crime they could have something to fight back against them. Thus the Three Strike you are

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