Chris Mccandless Analysis

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In the story “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer certain female characters that are extremely important to the protagonist Chris McCandless life,These female characters have been a big impact on Chris McCandless. Chris has gone through so much, Through female’s point of view, they candidly show that Chris McCandless can relate to them, in multiple perspectives such as work, family, and friendship, however Chris thinks differently regarding these women, such as his mother and sister who are unable to see the perspective that Chris McCandless sees he views things in a different way. For example, Jan Burres a rubber tramp was traveling around the west at some markets she saw him with a book about plants. Then shouted out and offered him if he wanted…show more content…
Ms. Zarza had a different impression about chris, she found it very surprisingly that he was hired because it wasn’t that he couldn't do the job, he was able to do it. “He seem to work at the same slow pace, even during the lunch rush, no matter how much you’d get on him to hurry it up” (Zarza 40) he didn't make the connection she expected from him to do.Though he was very reliable, a body that showed up everyday,when chris decided to quit Zarza was positive it was because of her because she told him since he first started working, he would show up smelling bad. So they delegated her to tell him he need to take more baths and ever since they clashed. Therefore Zarza didn't really like him when he got hired but when he quit he felt bad for him she kept blaming it on herself. Then there go the rest of the employers and start asking him if he needed anything or soap this is where McCandless started getting mad, but he never expressed it through the outside but you could notice he was, three weeks later he just walked out and left out the door and decide he was going to quit. He has his own opinion on Zarza for telling him that he needs to shower and not come smelly at
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