Chimpanzee Research Paper

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Living in the jungle, the chimpanzee is the closest kinsman to the human being. Chimpanzees are one of the most intelligent and clever animals in the world. They are famous for their cognition and intelligence. Chimpanzees are very similar to the human beings because they have the ability to learn new words and new skills from the people. They can play with different objects, hear, smell, walk on their two legs and even the 95 % of the human DNA is found in Chimpanzees (Nishida, 2014). Some of the animals in the world are not able to take meaningful decisions. However, chimpanzees are one of these unique animals which are able to do that. Usually, other animals would not be worried about the way they will do something because that consideration of a certain situation may be their bound between life and death. However, the chimpanzees have the quite opposite strategy (Institute for the Study of Human-Animal Relations, 2013). Their surviving strategy is to assess the given situation, to take the benefits and costs and then to react in a certain manner. As they are good in making decisions concerning their life they also are…show more content…
The lemur has been the simplest one among the primates. It is the most not-related primate to human beings. Lemurs search food using mouth and hands as well as the non-primate behave. After the lemurs monkeys came (Pigg, 2014). Monkeys already are able to manipulate with the environment and the different object. After the monkeys came the great apes. They are the most related to human beings. Orangutan, chimpanzees, gorilla and bonobo are manipulating the environment according to their own interests (Virginia, 2014). This shows that their brain gets more complex and complex throughout the evolution. It expresses the difference in the intelligence between the lemurs which are not that close to the humans and the great

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