Close Reading Of Iago's Motive

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Close Reading of Iago’s Motive About Othello, a topic discussed frequently is Iago’s motive, he seems to be the “director” of the whole play, and the question is what on earth spawn his undisguised hatred? There are tons of possible reasons for Iago to do evil: he does not get promoted; he is treated unfair; he has gender and race-based prejudice; he feels jealous of Othello’s beautiful newlywed wife; he suspects Othello has affair with Emilia, his wife; he is a homosexual, he is indignant at Othello’s marriage; or simply by doing nothing he learns to do ill since Turkish’s fleet is destructed, there is no urgent warfare for the moment. All above seems to be plausible, but only give a relatively unsophisticated and one-sided account of Iago’s behavior and state of mind.…show more content…
Shakespeare portrays such a dominating figure, from the beginning to the death of Desdemona, nobody (is wise enough) tends to be suspicious about Iago’s words and act Iago is been called “honest Iago” (I.iii.49) by many other characters with respect, especially Othello, and Iago keeps a good reputation as a white soldier until disclosure.; Shakespeare expresses Iago’s inhuman essence of evil through the contrast technique application. Before heading to kill Desdemona he said, Othello, who is blinded by vanity, gives a

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