Child Diapers Research Paper

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Let’s check the list again. Top of line diaper bag with the monkey pattern? Check. Twenty-four pack of Pampers? Got them. New pack of the most sensitive baby wipes on the market? Okay. The blue onesie with the drums on it you found that say “My Parents Rock”? Awesome. The car is full of gas and ready to go to the hospital? Done. Actually being prepared to be a parent? Deep breath, I’ve got this… Little did I know that the diaper bag wasn’t practical, and didn’t fit what we needed to fit in it (or maybe we tried fitting too much) no matter how cute the monkeys were. The diapers, even when I managed to put them on properly, would leak. The baby wipes were so sensitive that they would tear while cleaning up a “mess”. The onesie that was supposed to be a testament that I “Rock” was more like reading…show more content…
I wasn’t ready for the rush of emotions I felt when I first saw my newborn son. I couldn’t help the smile that stole across my face with the mixture of nervousness, uncertainty, fear, pride, and pure joy fighting for control inside of me. When the doctor finally let me hold him my vision started to blur. Sure enough, it must be time to faint. It took a few moments for me to realize that my eyes were wet, and a few more moments to understand that they were tears. I was happier than I ever thought I could be. My wife and I got to spend a few minutes with him before they took him off to be in the nursery for the night. We were told to get some rest, and they would bring him to us in the morning. My wife, with all that she’d been through, was able to fall asleep almost immediately (although I’m sure the medication and the fact that she had a bed to herself might have also helped). I pushed the only two chairs in the room together and curled up into a ball, falling asleep thinking to myself “I’ve got this. The hard parts over. I’m a dad

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