James Mcgarrel Hawk Visual Devices

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James McGarrel’s created his painting title Hawk after the legendary Colemon Hawkins a tenor saxophonist. The painting was made in 2005 using oil linen and it was approximately 60 by 80 inches. The painting being two dimensional shows how he evokes fictive world’s using different techniques of art such as his usage of some visual elements. Mcgarrel’s painting shows his fluent use of several visual elements starting with lines to define several shapes, and by him guiding the viewer’s eyes through all around of the painting. He didn't just use line to only define shapes, but also to arrange, create movement and organize the components in a way that is pleasing to the viewers. For instance, he used zigzag lines that are made from a combination of diagonal lines to define the mountains that fade away as they go to the left of the upper right of the painting.…show more content…
For instance, he use geometric shape such as a the square in the center of the painting to achieve a precise shape with sharp edges that give the illusion of the square popping forward from the foreground. This technique grabs the viewer attention because of its severity, separating it from the rest of the painting. Also, as among other thing he use geometric shapes for the black diamond layout that is in the upper left section that overlays a background space of unclear depth, it fades to the right side as it gets closer to the square. However, he uses organic shapes to create irregular and uneven shapes that may have two combinations of outlines such as curved or angular. Various parts of the painting have shapes that achieve a natural flow like the one on the left of the painting that has flowing, soft and calming shapes that tends to be pleasing and comforting. He also uses organic shape for the plants and the baroque column using circles that have no beginning or

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