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Before purchasing a car of choice, a person should learn more about the sensible vehicle of choice with respect to its features, efficiency and price. The decision has to be based on our psychological, social, cultural and personal influence. For the psychological influence we consider a person’s perspective and motives towards the particular car. Social influence in this case relate to the peer pressure and social class (Peter & Olson, 2005). The cultural influence relates to the cultural way of life for instance communal accommodation while the personal influence relates to the economic status and lifestyle. 1. What psychological influences have guided you in choosing this particular vehicle? Chevrolet Aveo is my choice of car, and picking…show more content…
What commercials did you see that might influence your decision about one vehicle and its features over the purchase of any other vehicle? Can you find additional advertisements about the vehicle you want to purchase? Some of the commercials that I saw, that might have influenced my decision for the Chevrolet Aveo brand is the TV testimonial advertisement of a particular college graduate who had bought his first car. It was Chevrolet Aveo and he mentioned something about its efficiency. Another one is the “Go with the stream” TV commercial. This commercial refers to the social influence. And since I wanted to stand out among my friends I had to surrender to peer-influence. Additional advertisement about the Chevrolet Aveo can be got over the commercial magazines. 13. When you decided on the vehicle you wanted was it on the lot? Did you want a number of special features so that it was necessary to order your vehicle and have it delivered? Did you have to wait for the delivery? When I decided on purchasing the Chevrolet Aveo, it was on the lot. This is since marketers always target graduating students and since it was after the graduation season, there was every reason for them to congest the market. The Chevrolet Aveo was in perfect shape, color and of great features so I bought it

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