Nt1330 Unit 1

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Date: Sep 25 Homework #2 Due Date: Oct 2 Sumanth Bodhuluri UMID:23998072 1. How is the role of ERP system different from traditional TPS, MIS, DSS, and others? Can an ERP system support all levels of management? Answer: A system which brings all departments exists in an organization together is called as EPR System. The ERP system always tends to unite different departments for communicating and instead of using different databases for each different system it allocates only one accessible database. Before ERP the information system model do not have the facilities. Yes ERP framework will support all level of management. Overall Reports can be used by the Upper management and details reports can be used by the middle and lower level management. 2. Discuss the evolution of information systems in an organization. How can the use of ERP systems remove information or functional silos in organizations? Answer:…show more content…
Whenever their market position changes they might need better information systems for their better practices. May they can the option of the ERP vendor like Microsoft, SAP, Peoplesoft or Oracle. When a particular organization starts implementing ERP Framework , It avoids the information or functional silos in the organization. 3. Among all the ERP components, which component is most critical in the implementation process and why? Answer: The ERP system is used by all level of technical employees and all levels of management. It is very difficult for all who are on the board with decisions and in all stages everyone are willing to give their feedback at this point ERP system may fail if the people of organization is not willing to accept the change and the reforms in the business. 4. Discuss the role of ERP in organizations. Are ERP tools used for business process reengineering (BPR) or does BPR occur due to ERP implementation?

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