Flowers For Algernon's The Allegory Of The Cave

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Who could ever forget that horrific feeling as the tragedies of September 11, 2001 unfolded? These events impacted the hearts of those who lived through them. Those born before that day or who were not old enough to truly understand what was going on could never feel the same effect of the tragedies as those of us who remember it all so well. Would one be better off not having those vibrant and vivid memories engraved in their minds? Of course we would because “Ignorance is bliss.” I believe that “Ignorance is bliss” because of Charlie’s perspective on life before and after his surgery in Flowers for Algernon, how the prisoners didn’t know how life was outside the cave in “The Allegory of the Cave,” and how it can relate to your future and mine. First of all, one being oblivious to situations will not have to face the consequences or emotions of knowing the truth. When one finally realizes the reality of situations, they do not have to face the consequence of knowing the full truth. Knowing…show more content…
One would not know the harshness of the situation or the reality, which could lead to loss of relationships with friends, family members since their opinions are not altered in any way. Charlie was content with his surroundings before the operation. After the operation he stated, “Now, I’m more alone than ever before.” (108) Before the operation Charlie was content with his relationships with the employees at Donner’s Bakery. However, after the surgery he felt lonely because he was aware they were not his true friends. Similarly, in The Allegory of the Cave, “The prisoners engage in what appears to us to be a game: naming the shapes as they come by.” Suppose the prisoners realized that the shadows were being moved by humans, they would feel a sense of loneliness because they believe those shadows are reality. By not knowing the truth, the prisoners appear to be

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