Chapter Summary And Symbolism In Flowers For Algernon

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Symbolism- 11/30/14 In the novel, Flowers for Algernon, Algernon represents Charlie’s future. For example, on page 214, Algernon bites Fay; leading to the scientists discover that Algernon had forgotten many complex responses. This shows that when Algernon begins to lose his intelligence, it is a chilling indication that Charlie’s own mental gains will be short-lived. Algernon also symbolizes Charlie’s status as a subject of the scientists: locked in a cage and forced to run through mazes at the scientists’ whim. Algernon is allowed no dignity and no individuality. Charlie’s freeing of Algernon from his cage and simultaneous decision to abandon the laboratory makes Algernon’s physical liberation a symbol of his own emotional independence. Vocabulary-…show more content…
For example, on page 24, it states “I wish it woud reely work alredy so I could get smart like everyone else.” This demonstrates that Charlie struggles to be accepted and to be "normal". He spent his childhood being abused by his mother because he was different and she couldn't face it. As an adult, he hates that he is not equal to his "friends" and peers. He desires to be "like others" and tries desperately to research and discover the flaw in the operation. It is only when he realizes that there is no fix that he must face up to his internal problem. It is then that Charlie overcomes his conflict and accepts himself and understands that other people will and this is…show more content…
For instance, on page 54 it states, "He pushes Charlie over to Gus who catches him by the throat. Charlie is scared and starts to cry." This demonstrates how badly treated Charlie is because of his mental retardation and his desire to be like others. I know from previous knowledge that bullying can serve as a negative force in one’s life. Although Charlie is bullied harshly, it serves as Charlie's motivation for getting the surgery in the future. Charlie doesn't want to fall back into that position; therefore he works hard to become intellectual after he receives his surgery. World Issue- 12/11/14 In Flowers for Algernon, the protagonist Charlie suffers from a lack of self confidence. For example, on page 76, it states that Charlie had to work up the courage to even have thoughts of having feelings for another person. This demonstrates that he doesn't find himself worthy enough to have these feelings towards the person he likes. This isn't healthy for him because Charlie tries to mask his feelings even though he helplessly can't resist the urge to contain himself. Had he been born without mental retardation, Charlie probably wouldn't have doubted himself as much. Author Writing Style-

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