What Goldfish Would You Wish Essay

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When people have to give up something good in life they change the way the act. In the three stories “ The Lottery “, “ What of this goldfish would you wish “, and “ Without Title “ the characters change the way they act because of something or someone that they are going to lose. Even I have changed because of something or someone that i was going to lose and something I lost. In the story, “ What of this goldfish would you wish “, the character Sergei Gorlick is man who got three wishes from a magical goldfish. Both Sergei and the goldfish have a relationship because of the three wishes that the goldfish granted him.” Suddenly the kid spots Sergei’s goldfish flittering around in its big glass jar in his kitchen. “ Sergei’s goldfish is seen…show more content…
“ Mr.Martin held the black box securely on the stool until Mr.Summers had stirred the papers thoroughly with his hand. I had a job where I was my Dad’s assistant in his job. Also the characters Bill and Tessie Hutchinson have a husband and wife relationship. “ It isn’t fair. It isn’t right. Mr.Hutchinson screamed \, then they were upon here. “ Mr.Hutchinson was trying to protect Ms.Hutchinson because she won the lottery. In the story, “ Without Title “ the characters the father and the buffalo have a bond because the father is a buffalo hunter but it all changed because the tradition of hunting has changed. “ I remember the silence of his lost power, the red buffalo painted on his chest. Oh, I could see it but it wasn’t there and in the night I heard his buffalo grunts like a snore. “ The father missed the tradition of hunting the buffalo. My family had an old tradition of getting together on christmas and having a dinner but it has changed over

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